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New Space, New Products, Same Kim

Hi Everyone,

May has been a whirlwind! I think once it's over and we take a deep breath it will be a wonderful memory. My location has changed. I purchased a medical office in the Parkview Professional Building. It's Suite 6. When you come in the main entrance (the one with the cloth awning), you go up the stairs and turn left. Go through the door and I am straight ahead!

It's a big office and for that reason you will see some new faces around here. An integrative medicine physician named Oren Gersten will be splitting his time between this office in Brunswick and his current office in Portland. If you are looking for a PCP and/or want to know more about his practice, this is his website:

I am also in the process of finding at least 2 more clinicians to work here. I am hoping to have an esthetician, so facials will soon be a possibility! The other open room, we are still figuring that out.

Please don't be afraid to reach out with questions! The cell phone is the same: (802)558-0134.

Thank you to all my clients for your support! I could not have done this without you.


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